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Hi there :blowkiss:

I´m saving up some points to start an own poetry contest as soon as I have enough points for prizes.

If you like my work or if you´re just feeling generous, every single point is much appreciated!

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The poet doesn´t invent. He listens.
Jean Cocteau

Today I felt like featuring some poems again... Recently, I just had to fave some masterpieces which left me speechless, so I felt the duty to share my enthusiasm :D - This is concentrated beauty.

then your son became a knight with sunset burns,
and you realized that death does not wear a cloak
because he is beautiful and sometimes
people go willingly
quote: © Mercury-the-Queen
from the blazing pages...because you listened
at the tip of the stair,
the phonograph coughed its secrets
and you
grew up thinking
that pretty women needed saved,
that apples were poisoned and
knights rode into sunsets without getting burned.
but the first one you held
taught you that
magic mirrors never tell them they're beautiful,
and you saw the spindle-scratches on her arms
(because princes have roaming hearts, and they
stay a little while and then
slip away.)
and the one you married wouldn't touch you
"i'm a golden egg, not a tiny pea,"
and you said it didn't matter
but she broke the beanstalk and sent you
and your daughter told you
"straw is straw, and
no matter how i spin it
i will still wear rags."
and when she kicked as you sized her for a
you thought that maybe
some are beyond your help.
then your son became a knight with sunset burns,
and you realized that death does not wear a cloak
because he is beautiful and so

Your naked body,
fruit of snowstorm
and the sun
quote: © Eusorph
Your Naked Body by Eusorph

My soul is n factorial,
my skin is all prime numbers,
and my last theorem
will never bestow a Nobel prize.
quote: © tonepainter

Mature Content

i walk on porcelain clouds
with winged sandals.
i dance on the cerulean waves
as they serenade me with the song
of the ocean.
quote: © CelestialMemories
i walk on porcelain clouds
  with winged sandals.
my rainbow hair is combed
by crystal butterflies,
along the skies of sapphire
   i am but a sparkling amber,
you may have seen me,
    for i travel the sky,
kissing your pastel flowers to bloom,
   tickling your beautiful rosy cheeks
      with my golden voice.
i walk on porcelain clouds
     with winged sandals.
i dance on the cerulean waves
as they serenade me with the song
                of the ocean.
i dine over the violet vineyards of Italy,
ripening the fruit to my desire,
inhaling the scent of freshly
                  golden-baked bread.
i kiss my mysterious ivory lover
as adoring fans come and

The luxury of the moment slows down, your arms
wrap around me to seal in
this tangible nirvanna.
quote: © EmaciatedandEpitaphs
Kisses of a Different TruthIt is passion; glorified, embellished and exposed.  
Fluid lips that kiss this satin sensation across skin, affection weaving through these fervid fingers.  
It's a wildfire, love.  Fickle and unworthy.  It's hardly a flicker, not even a flare.  
He referred to it as infatuation, merely a spark.  And I was faltering,
attempting to explain it's value; the power of an unlikely flame.  
But he was willful and I couldn't help but feel fickle and unworthy.

Caitlyn Cameron told me she hates birds,
But I think she's just jealous.
quote: © MisfitableGrae
CaitlynIt's the little things I know about Caitlyn Cameron.
She never tells anyone the big things.
Once, Caitlyn Cameron broke in front of me.
She leaned against the dirty bathroom stall
And clutched herself, like it was all that held her
"My sister cut herself last night."
And the one time Caitlyn Cameron trusted someone
Enough to see her break
That someone could not help her.
Sometimes when it rains,
Caitlyn Cameron will stand out in the water
And ask God why she wasn't good enough.
She says it feels good to blame someone for her cut-off angel wings.
She can still feel them desperately trying to take her some place better.
Her life is a variety of colors on a pallet.
She makes duct tape dresses for fun
And skips down the hallways when she's bored.
She sings Disney at the top of her lungs and makes memories
More often than she makes scars.
Caitlyn Cameron stands in front of the mirror too long
And says goodbye too often.
Her room is covered with black hoodies and pentagram n

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
a princess of shades
and her shiny eyes
a nameless secret

There´s a storm comin´ the weatherman couldn´t predict
Zeroin´ in on the target like a marksman
The target is you

Hi, I am a mad scientist, born in the fucking wrong world
a passionate young writer/poet and wannabe philosopher from Germany.
Hope you enjoy some of my written work and thank you for visiting my profile and my gallery! Please don´t be shy - linguistic help and constructive criticism are very welcome! I am a "fave-without-comment-er" myself most of the time, so I appreciate a single fave, too - but as every artist willing to improve his skills, it´s immensely helpful to get some feedback, so if you have some time to spare, comments mean much to me!

I'm living in an age
That calls darkness light
Though my language is dead
Still the shapes fill my head

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